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If you are already enrolled in a Wigan driving school, (a good decision when you live in or near Wigan!) you will find that it pays to set realistic expectations about the driving lessons. You will not only enjoy the experience but you will also learn more tips and tricks essential to your success during the theory and practical driving tests.

No Minimum Number of Hours

You can take as many driving lessons as you need and want before taking the theory and practical driving tests. You have the power to decide whether you will only require 2 hours or 20 hours of driving lessons depending on your ability to learn the basics, your available time, and your desire to pass the tests during your first try, among other factors.

Of course, you must consider the fees of the driving lessons Wigan instructors charge their students on an hourly basis. You should maximise the driving lessons from an Advanced Driving Instructor (ADI) especially in terms of learning the principles and practises of safe driving. At Procee’d we only use fully qualified instructors.

The best driving instructor Wigan residents can hire knows that everybody learns to drive at their own pace. You can learn as quickly or as slowly as you like.

No Spoon-feeding of Lessons

While you will first learn the principles (i.e., theories) of driving including car operations, traffic signs, and road rules, your instructor at the most reliable driving school Wigan residents enrol in will eventually get you behind the wheel. Keep in mind that you will be on your own during the practical driving test and getting behind the wheel during your driving lessons is a must to pass it.

During your first practical driving lesson, you should expect the following:

Your driving instructor will park the car at a quiet road with little to no traffic. You will be asked to switch sides so that you are in the driver’s seat; don’t worry about it your instructor will be by your side to get you through the cockpit drill.

– The cockpit drill can be summarised as:

– Securely close doors

– Seat should be in a comfortable position

– Steering position is established

– Seatbelts are properly worn

– Mirrors are adjusted

You will be introduced to the controls including the accelerator, clutch and brake. You will be taught about the proper use of the handbrake, change gear, and indicators, too. You should not hesitate about asking questions regarding the controls especially since you may be nervous about handling them.

Your instructor will explain a few crucial procedures before you start the engine. These include clutch control, signalling with the indicator, changing gear, and moving off, among others.

When you are already driving the car, be as relaxed as possible. Stop worrying so much since your female driving instructor has her own set of controls to prevent accidents while you are at the wheel.

Are you looking for the best female driving instructor Wigan residents recommend? Look no further than Procee’d School of Monitoring!