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When you have passed your theory driving test, partly thanks to the professional instruction of the best female driving instructor St Helens and Leigh has today, your next step is to pas the practical driving test. You will then be able to secure your full driving licence, an achievement in itself considering that both tests are challenging.

Here are the things that you must know about the practical driving test, which is a uniform test given regardless of where the takers had their driving lessons; Warrington is one of the best places to learn because of Procee’d Motoring School’s presence here.

Test to Determine Readiness

While the theory driving test involves multiple choice and hazard perception aspects, the practical driving test involves tests designed to determine your readiness in two aspects:

– You can safely drive in different traffic and road conditions; and

– You know the Highway Code and you can demonstrate your knowledge of it through your driving skills.

Since there are no pass or fail quotas, you can take the test for as many times as necessary to pass it. But with the professional tutelage of the best driving instructor St Helens and Leigh has today, you should be able to pass it on your first attempt. You can also practise for as many times as possible before taking the exam.

Note: Studies have shown that an average learner will pass the driving test on his first try after 45 hours of formal driving lessons and 20 hours of practise.

Test Documents to Bring

You will not just walk into the practice driving test without the necessary preparation. You must bring with you several documents to facilitate the process including:

– Theory driving test certificate

– Driving licence – both parts

Without these documents, your booking for the practical driving test will be cancelled and the fee you paid for the test will be forfeited (i.e., non-refundable, non-transferable). This will be a waste of time on your part especially when you want to expedite the release of your full driving licence.

Note: If you have the traditional paper licence, you should bring your current passport (it has to be valid) and your signed driver’s licence as additional proof. In case you lost your driving licence, you have to apply for its replacement, which can take 15 days or more. You will likely cancel and rebook your practical driving test because the driver’s licence is a compulsory requirement.

In case you also lost your theory test certificate, you can still take the practical driving test but you must present a letter from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). The letter should contain the lost certificate number to be considered as valid.

With the lessons you learned at the St Helens and Leigh driving school, you should be prepared for the test proper. You will have your eyesight checked first and then asked 2 vehicle safety questions, which will then be followed by the actual driving skills test.

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