Proceed School of Motoring pride ourselves on being open and honest with our prices.

We pride ourselves on being open and honest with our prices. We offer new pupils to Proceed School of Motoring a one off introductory offer of one hour for £18 or a two hour lesson for £28 as of the 5th of September . Thereafter, standard prices are £22 for one hour or £40 for a 2 hour block, we are also introducing a half hour slot when added to a standard one hour lesson for those who require more than one hour, but two hours is too much which is £30 for 90 minutes. We also do block bookings of 10 hours for £200, of which half the money will be required in advance, we may accept 4 lessons up front (£80) in exceptional circumstances (receipts will be given). We don’t do 5 lessons for £25 or 10 lessons for £99, or first lesson free as  there is usually small print attached and you could be spending more than you anticipated.

Please note that Proceed do have a cancellation policy, where if you cancel your lesson within 24 hours (other schools require 48 hours notice) there may be a fee of one standard hour. We will take all circumstances into consideration as emergencies do happen, but repeat offenders will be charged or may need to find another instructor. The reason for this is that another pupil may have wanted your lesson and it maybe too late to fill that appointment.