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Female Driving Lessons Newton Le Willows

Your driving lessons Newton Le Willows experienced drivers have recommended are the stepping stones toward finally getting your driver’s licence. You are required to pass the theory test as well as the practical examination for this purpose, both of which you can successfully hurdle with the right choice in Warrington driving school, such as Procee’d Motoring School. You will have the best female driving instructor Newton Le Willows drivers have also hired in the past in their desire to learn the basics of driving.

Here’s what to expect during the theory test. You can also ask your driving instructor Newton Le Willows authorities have recommended for more information about the matter.

Two-part Test

You have to pass the theory test before you can book the practical test, thus, stressing the importance of listening to your driving instructor and studying the lessons on driving theory including the Highway Code. You should also have a provisional driving licence in order to take the theory test.

The theory test consists of two parts, namely:

– Multiple choice

– Hazard perception

You will take both parts on the same day and you must pass both parts. Your questions in both parts will depend on the type of vehicle you want to drive, such as automatic or manual car. You may also request to take the abridged car theory test provided that you possess the Safe Road User Award.

It must be emphasised that a failing grade in one part of the test means you have to take both the multiple and hazard perception tests again. The passing mark for the hazard perception test is different for different vehicles; the test is the same for all vehicles unlike the multiple choice part where each vehicle has a different version.

Test Preparation

Just as with any test, you have to prepare for the theory test. Being enrolled and being an active participant in the lessons provided by the driving school Newton Le Willows are two of the best preparatory measures you can take.

You can also prepare for the test by studying official publications, tools, and even applications. You may also contact a few facilities in case you have special needs in driving, thus, contributing to your success in hurdling the two-part theory test.

Test Eligibility

If you want to get your first full vehicle driving licence, you must take and pas the theory driving test. But when you have the following, you are exempted from the test:

– A full automatic car licence that you want to upgrade to a full manual car licence

– A B1 licence for 3- or 4-wheeled light vehicles

In these cases, you are only required to take the practical driving test. If you are in doubt, you can ask your Newton Le Willows driving instructor or check information online to determine your possible exemption status.

When you pass the theory exam, you will be provided with a theory test pass certificate. You will be required to state your certificate number when booking the practical test.

Speak with Procee’d about taking both your theory and practical test today.