Driving Lessons Chorley

Do you look forward to becoming an independent driver?

Want to get your driving license?

The first step to freedom is to become adept at driving. Join Proceed School of Motoring. Our driving lessons Chorley prepare you to face the road as well as the driving test.

At Proceed School of Motoring, learn with experienced female driving instructors. They put you at ease when you sit behind the wheel and make sure you understand the nuances of driving.

Driving Lessons Chorley from Proceed School of Motoring

At Proceed School of motoring, we prepare you for the writing test as well as the driving test. The written test consists of multiple choice questions and hazard perception questions. The driving test determines your readiness to face the road.

If you are yet to attempt the written test, our driving lessons will help you pass it on your first attempt. Whether you are a provisional license holder or a full license holder, our services are open for you.

We have designed courses that give full license holders a huge confidence boost to face real road conditions.

If you are constantly pulled up for exceeding speed limits or have been involved in collisions before, you are probably losing confidence. If you are uncomfortable about certain areas of driving, talk to us and we’ll work on those specific areas to help you overcome those challenges.

We are a driving lessons Chorley service offering special instructions in speed awareness, defensive driving, driver alertness and several other specialised areas of driving.

Why Choose Proceed School of Motoring

Experienced female driving instructors

Driving lessons for provisional license holders and full license holders

Classes spanning over different regions

Preparation for written and practical driving test

Affordable driving lessons

Friendly approach

At Proceed School of Motoring, our foremost priority is to transform you into a responsible motorist. Our lessons are tailored to suit your pace of learning. After finishing your driving course with us, you become adept at driving in different traffic and road conditions. You also understand the Highway Code thoroughly.

Our instructors ensure that you are relaxed and alert when you drive. We are work with you until you are absolutely confident and satisfied about handling real road conditions.
Contact us to become a safe and responsible driver with driving lessons Chorley. Call 07914756005 to book an appointment.